Planning for a small-scale business that you can operate yourself ?

Get ready to ignite your plans. Sole proprietorship is best for you. Sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business registration. In sole proprietorship entire business comes under the single owner. That means, in sole proprietorship the running, managing, capital investment, assets, profit are loss are beard by the owner of the firm. Sole proprietorship requires minimal paper works and easier to maintain. During the registration you have to submit PAN card, Photo, Address proof, Utility bill of the firm register office and bank details like bank statement and cancelled check for the verification and approval of your proprietorship firm. Easy formation is a major advantage of sole proprietorship firm. Registration and closing of proprietorship are an easy procedure compared with other business registrations. Sole proprietorship is very cheaper than all other registrations. Another attractive feature of sole proprietorship is that it doesn’t corporate tax liability on Proprietorship Company. Minimal compliance is also making proprietorship the best choice for single business owners. Unlike other business registration, the owner of the proprietorship firm pays only the personal income tax on the profit earned by the entity. Business entity doesn’t need to pay tax. Best way to register a proprietorship firm is through the local registration and Tax registration. Team AlgoBiz is here to help you register your sole proprietorship firms through the best and efficient ways that suitable for your business type.

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